This is my dissertation for my LL.M in International Human Rights Law which was submitted in September 2006.

I hope that it will be of some use to some of you out there.

The dissertation is reproduced here without the 233 footnotes. If anyone would like a copy of the dissertation with the footnotes, kindly contact me.

The original contents page of me dissertation is as follows:-

1. Introduction

1.1 What is “Preventive Detention” in this essay?

1.2 The objective of this essay

1.3 Outline of this essay

1.4 What this essay will not be dealing with

2. The provisions of the ICCPR regarding preventive detention

2.1 When is preventive detention allowed?

2.2 Rights of person detained

3. The law in Malaysia and Singapore

3.1 The legal provisions

3.2 Grounds for detention

3.3 Rights of person detained - to be informed of the reasons of detention

3.4 Rights of person detained - to take proceedings before a court

3.5 Rights of person detained - treatment under detention

3.6 Rights of person detained - compensation

4. Conclusions and recommendations

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For obvious reasons, kindly refrain from reproducing any portion of this essay without prior permission.

Thank you.

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